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BestPrice DEWALT DW788 1.3 Amp 20-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw

DEWALT DW788 1.3 Amp 20-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw Product Description
Whatever intricate detailing your work demands, the DeWalt DW788 20-Inch Scroll Saw is up to the task. Featuring a 1.3 Amp motor that delivers variable speed performance from 400 to 1,750 RPM, this saw makes use of a unique double parallel-link arm design that reduces vibration and noise significantly, helping you achieve phenomenal accuracy. This design allows the arm to pivot smoothly and easily from the back of the saw to the front, it keeps the blade perpendicular to you work surface to help you avoid over or under cutting, and it allows the arm to lift for inside cuts. The saw's on-off switch, electronic speed control, and blade-tensioning lever are position on the upper part of the arm for easy access, along with a flexible dust blower that helps keep your work surface clear. DeWalt's exclusive blade clamps makes blade changes tool-free for quick and easy switches, while an oversized table provides material support and bevels 45-degrees left or right for added versatility. This table is made of cast iron for exceptional durability. This DeWalt high-performance industrial tool comes with blades and a hex wrench, and it is backed by a 3-year limited warranty.

  • Unique, double parallel-link arm design for reduced vibration, less noise, and increased accuracy
  • Variable speed performance from 400 to 1,750 RPM for precision work
  • Durable cast iron table, tool-free blade clamps, and up-front controls for convenience
  • Measures 29-1/2 x 19-1/2 x 12.1 inches; weighs 56 pounds
  • Includes saw, blades, hex wrench, and 3-year limited warranty

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Super Scroll Saw
My wife gave me the DeWalt DW788 for Christmas 2008 and I have use it most everyday since then. I have never had any problems with this saw. It very well made and runs smooth and quite. Set-up of this was was really easy I had the saw up and running in less then 10 min.

I've cut stock from 1/8" to 2" pine to hard maple and it handled them all with easy. Having the VS control on top is great it makes speed changing very easy. Blade changing is fast and easy and requires no tools in most cases I can change blades in under 5 sec. Being able to tilt the table left and right is a big plus I do a lot of cutting with the table set left side down at angles at steep as 45° when I'm making bowls and candy dishes and I have found that the markes for the different angles are right on. The table is dead flat and very smooth making cutting easy. There is little no no vibration with the DW788 in fact I can stand a nickle on edge on the table with the saw running at full speed this really help when your working on the saw for an hour or more at a time.

I gave this saw 5 Stars because that is as high as your are allowed to rate itmes but I feel it should get 10. I only thing I would buy along with this saw is a Dead mans foot switch not that there is any thing at all wrong with the on/off switch on the DW788 a foot switch just give your better control allowing you to keep both hands on your work and if your doing fretwork that is really important.

I have used the DW788 for over a year now and it is the finest scroll saw I have ever used and the most fun tool in my shop.

As of Dec 2009
I purchased a DW788 in Dec, 2009 on sale at Rockler. Saw, stand, light, plus a $50 Rockler gift card was $449. That's a pretty good price, and Rockler was swamped, taking over a month to get it in.

Unlike some of the earlier reviews, I experienced absolutely no problem with the lineup of the holes for the table/bevel control - saw assembly was complete under 5 minutes, with the stand taking about 30 minutes (but I stopped for coffee once).

My exceedingly precise machinist setup block shows a true vertical between the blade and the table top when the bevel gauge is set to zero so I have not had to adjust anything to get a perfect cut on 1 inch cedar scrap.

I see no vibration problem with the saw on either my bench or the DeWalt stand. Running at full speed cutting thin stock (a tongue depressor) I get some movement on a nickel. Just running with a blade at high speed the nickel doesn't move at all.

There is a bit of accumulation of dust on the table, but I see that as less a problem with table top machining than with a whimpy dust blower. The blower does work, it just doesn't move the dust very far. I've got full-shop dust collection so I just do a quick clean periodically with a 2" hose I leave free and that seems to be able to keep up, but for a small blade it seems to create a lot of dust.

One of my first cuts was a dovetail joint in the scrap cedar. I've done dovetails a variety of ways, including by hand with chisel and gents saw and if you've ever tried that you know it can take a while. With the DW788, cutting a perfect pin side of the dovetail in the cedar took less than two minutes.

Dewalt is a bit stingy with saw blades, only 2 come with the saw. I'm learning that blade supply can be a tough hunt, and Amazon's selection is not either a good start or final destination. If you're new to it, it seems that Olson blades are something of the standard. Best so far best for selection/price is a site named scrollit . com. Rockler and Woodcraft aren't much better than Amazon.

I got mine for use in Marquetry applied to furniture, but in just a short while it has become apparent that it will be used for much more. This puppy is one h@ll of a convenient mini-bandsaw.

MUCH Cheaper at Grizzly
Grizzly sells a combo including the DW788 with Dewalt stand and light regularly for $499 and is on a spring sale for $50 less than that. All new. Save about $180 over Amazon and other sellers. Can't understand why the price is so much higher elsewhere. (Grizzly shipping + $21.00). This is one of the few instances where Amazon is not even competitive... unfortunately.

Very Quite saw
I can not understand the reviews that claim this saw is noisy or has excess vibration. I find the saw to be very quite and smooth. It has good power to cut 2" stock and the table finish is very good. If you are upgrading from a low-end saw you will be very pleased with this saw.

One Of The BEST
No sense writing a novel about this tool. But it should be said that this beats the cheaper models and brands of scroll saws, HANDS DOWN. If you're used to using lightweight scrollers, you will be amazed at the precision you can achieve with this jewel of a saw. If you can swing the dollars to buy one, then don't miss the opportunity to own this saw. Nuff sed !!!

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